RFID Technology Presentation

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RFID Presentation I did for module CT231


Future of RFID Technology

March 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Scientists have recently developed a way of embedding a thin aluminium RFID tag onto a piece of paper. It uses less metal than designs at the moment. It could easily reduce the cost of RFID tags by 80%. RFID technology will replace the manual jobs for tracking products in the supply chain. It will automate a lot of the processes as products pass through warehouse and when they reach the shop floor.

The purchase of items in a shop could be automated also. You could have an RFID device in your pocket and simply walk out of the shop with your items and the RFID device would sort the payment out. Smart appliances could be seen in the future. Your fridge could alert you when something is about to go off, or it could create shopping lists automatically when you are running low on something.


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