RFID Technology Presentation

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RFID Presentation I did for module CT231


What are the different types of RFID tags?

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In this blog post I will investigate RFID tags.

There are three types of RFID tags:active, passive, and battery assisted passive tags. All three types have a central chip and an antenna.

Active tags have their own on board power source. This makes them quite a bit more expensive and bigger than passive tags. The power source helps the tags to be read from much greater distances, from 20 metres to 100 metres.

Active tags can work at much higher frequencies usually 455 MHz, 2.45 GHz, or 5.8 GHz. The tag can always broadcast a signal because of the on-board power source or they can become active when they come in contact with a scanner. Active tags can have a memory as large as 128 kilobytes. Active tags can have other uses, such as data logging and temperature sensing.

RFID Active Tag

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 thisyearsboy Active Tag

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