What can RFID Technology do?

March 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

In this post I will investigate the many uses of RFID Technology.

RFID technology now has many uses. It can be used to track products all the way through the supply chain, make stocktaking much easier and less time consuming and it will enable an employee to find a product much easier in the warehouse. Identification cards used with RFID technology can be used to control access to buildings. This is one of the aspects of “smart buildings”.

MIT Student Card

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 francois MIT Student Card

RFID technology is also used on toll systems. It allows cashless toll payments. Your credit card will be charged every time you go through the toll. RFID’s can be used in casinos to identify the chips and to prevent the use of fake chips. RFID chips are also implanted into animals so they can be managed more easily.

M6 Toll

CC BY 2.0 boocal - Toll

New types of passports and driving licences are also using RFID technology. The passports can contain information on your travel, your personal details, and a picture of you and in some cases a copy of your fingerprint. RFID technology is also used in libraries to aid with the self service and the security aspect of the library.

RFID hand

CC BY-NC catinatree

A RFID chip can also be implanted into a human. In a bar in Barcelona in 2004 they implanted RFID chips into people’s arm. The chip contained their bank account details so any time they ordered a drink, their account would be automatically charged. RFID technology is also used in sports to get a more accurate timing of when athletes cross the finishing line.


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